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Hello and welcome to my humble private practice! 

I have worked in the nutrition and dietetics field for over 20 years and still find the passion to help others and myself stay healthy. So many people fall between the cracks when it comes to help with nutrition and health. I am here to help fill that gap!

Nutrition services in West Virgina.

We offer Tellehealth this way we can help you from anywhere in West Virginia.


Offering  top notch complient telehealth services through kalixhealth.

Get top notch nutrition services and guidance from the comfort of your own home though telehealth.

For many of our patients, we understand that making a trip to the doctors office can be difficult, inconvenient, or sometimes impossible altogether. As a healthcare provider, our goal is to remove the barriers which may stand in the way of providing our clients with complete access to the care they need. To make things easier, we now offer a TeleHealth program that allows us to provide our patients with nutritional services from the comfort of their own homes.


Enjoy your favorite foods within moderation with guided meal planning designed for you.

If you need to change your eating patterns because of a medical problem or want general nutritional advice when it comes to meal planning, we can help you!

Whether you are seeking to improve your overall health, boost your athletic performance, or optimize your nutritional intake during a time of disease, meal planning is an easy and practical way to achieve all of your nutrition oriented goals.


Find out how to eat according to your genes!

Nutrigenomics is an emerging science based on genetic level testing regarding how your individual genes process foods, and how to interpret using this information to eat for optimal health.

Have you ever noticed how different foods, substances, and diets affect some people differently than others? The same way that each of us differs in physical traits, like eye or hair color, we also differ in our metabolization of food and other substances. This piece of information is critical to understanding the importance of an individualized approach to nutrition.


The newest technology in genetic research can detect food allergies with a simple blood test.

Partnering with pinner Test’. SNSWV offers comprehensive food allergy testing for cheaper than you might expect.

It is not only possible, but common for people to have food allergies and not even know about them. Many people suffer daily from food reactions, but struggle to figure out what could be causing those reactions. The following are common symptoms that are associated with food allergies:

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We are here for you, we have been helping West Virginia since 2009.

We can help you with meal planning, digestive issues, renal issues, high blood pressure, and any other issue or disease you want help
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